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capture assessment

Gather your assessments
in one place

  • Capture workplace-based assessments, mini-CEX, DOPS, EPAs and case-based discussions among others.
  • Extract data and generate reports using your own templates so you can display information clearly to your students and trainees.
  • Work online or offline to record notes and evidence using multiple devices including tablets, laptops and smartphones.

track progress

Monitor progress over time and set goals collaboratively

  • Set objectives and course requirements for students with the ability to customise these per placement or module.
  • Build forms which link to your workflows, making it simple to record and share evidence of progress.
  • Summarise progress giving students and trainees a full view of their professional development against current and future targets.
  • Extract data and generate reports using your own templates so you can display information clearly to students and trainees.

support improvement

Encourage reflective

  • Review cohort progress and quickly identify students requiring intervention and additional support early in their learning journey.
  • Encourage reflective practice by enabling students and trainees to take control of their learning through the complete e-assessment module.

step 1

Our business analysts work with you on a simple benefit mapping exercise to make sure your needs are understood and met

step 2

We collaborate with you on a risr/advance ‘readiness’ exercise to explore how you need the module to work

step 3

Our subject matter experts work through every aspect of the set-up, training, management and review process, making sure you have what you need,
when you need it


Manage the set-up, payment and application process


Everything you need to manage and deliver exams and assessments