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Schedule exams and courses with a simplified booking process

  • Provide candidates with an easy process for booking exams, courses, events and registrations.
  • Automatically calculate candidate eligibility and venue capacity.
  • Visualise candidate progression through the examination pathway.
  • Manage applications, placements and approvals for courses, assessments and exams.
  • Generate admissions communications and notifications for candidates.
  • Consolidate appeals, remarks and refunds through a single module.


Automatically handle payments and refunds

  • Process payments securely and easily.
  • Offer electronic and manual payment options if appropriate.
  • Summarise financial information for reporting purposes.
  • Generate full and partial refunds according to your chosen policies with a full approval process for security.
  • Provision different rates and discounts for specified member types or categories.


Coming soon…Recruit and manage availability of examiners across your exams

  • Advertise your exam schedule and invite examiners to submit their availability.
  • Send confirmations and reminders of chosen availability.
  • Export availability information for scheduling within risr/assess.

step 1

Our business analysts work with you on a simple benefit mapping exercise to make sure we clearly understand your business objectives

step 2

We collaborate with you to explore how you need the risr/apply module to work to make your learning admin simple and efficient

step 3

Our subject matter experts work through every aspect of the set-up, management and review process, making sure you have what you need, when you need it


Everything you need to manage and deliver exams and assessments


Auto-publish all assessment and exam results to your users